$50.00 USD

I understand that ESEL seminars and executive career coaches do not make any guarantees of employment by utilizing the services offered. ESEL seminars and all parties involved understand that these are best practices, but no guarantees of job placement are offered. ESEL seminars or any employee or consultant relating to ESEL seminars will not be deemed responsible or liable for any job opportunity loss or inability to secure employment by any client or member.

Resume Review

Book a 30-minute consultation with an executive career coach for a resume review.

Please email your resume at least 24 hours before your scheduled review so our career coaches have sufficient time to review your resume for the discussion. If you have a specific job posting you are targeting, please send a copy of the posting as well.

The pricing includes time for the coach to review the resume and job posting and evaluate for suggestions (approximately 30-60 mins).

Also included is a follow-up review of your resume utilizing the suggestions.

What is included:

  • A review of your resume and any job postings you are targeting by one of our executive career coaches
  • 30-minute video meeting to discuss recommendations for your resume
  • A second review of your  updated resume

**Please email your resume and job posting(s) at least 24 hours before your scheduled consultation.