Military to Civilian Career Transition

Learn the fundamentals of a tactical transition to ensure success as you move from the battlefield to the boardroom.

Did you know that in 2022 the unemployment rate for veterans was 2.8%?

You WILL find a job after your military service. We want you to find the RIGHT career for you. 

Get Tactical About Your Transition NOW!
"The presentation that ESEL provides to the transitioning service member is top-notch. These ladies have a true passion and drive for what they do, and demonstrate it daily. Even after the course (and through today) I am able to message them and get on-target information about the civilian hiring process. This makes me very competitive and makes my family feel very secure. If you have a choice on who to see regarding the transition from career military to employed civilian, seek out ESEL!"
- William Wando, Colonel, USMC

2 or 3-Day Employment Strategies Seminar

Set the foundation for a success career transition

  • Build a detailed and organized plan for your transition based on your personal preferences.
  • Identify and translate your valuable skills into civilian language.
  • Develop a memorable professional introduction and grow your network.
  • Create your personal professional brand to ensure you land the career you want that fits your values.
  • Design effective resumes and LinkedIn profiles to attract the right opportunities.
  • Conquer the art of the interview and hone your negotiation skills to ensure you get the right job offer.

Our Executive Career Coaches are here for you!

Get career assistance from our coaches indefinitely after the seminar. Get assistance with resume review, interview prep, LinkedIn evaluations, and even job offer reviews. Consider ESEL a part of your retirement package.

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Whether you have 6 Months or 2 years before your transition…

  • Build your backward plan
  • Build your network
  • Build your brand


What's Included In The Seminar...


"If you fail to plan you are planning to fail." -Benjamin Franklin 

In this section of the seminar, we will cover:

  • Getting organized and building a backward plan
  • Determine your work preferences to ensure your new career is a good fit
  • Identify and translate your skillsets to attract the civilian job market
  • How to research industries and companies to find the best fit


Be authentic rather than correct in a job interview as you will spend a third of your life at work." - 

In this section of the seminar, we will cover:

  • Creating a professional introduction for different occasions
  • Learn the importance of and how to build a great network
  • Develop a positive online presence
  • Build an effective LinkedIn profile
  • Write an effective, targeted resume for each opportunity.


"The best feeling in the world is seeing the benefits and rewards of hard work." -Kevin Hart

In this section of the seminar, we will cover:

  • How to prepare for different types of interviews
  • Understanding the interview format
  • Common questions asked during an interview
  • Dress for success
  • What to expect in a job offer
  • Should you negotiate and if so, how to negotiate the job offer

Choosing a 2 or 3-Day Seminar

Which seminar is best for my group? What are the differences in a 2-day versus a 3-day seminar?

  • A 2-day seminar will have at-home pre-seminar work for the participants
  • A 3-day seminar allows an opportunity for more group activities and practice for subjects covered
  • A 3-day seminar allows more time for details, questions, and a personal touch for the participants

Our team will be effective in whichever format you choose and we will be available to your participants for assistance after the seminar as well.


Your ESEL Executive Coaches


Michele Lewis and Cyndi Po grew up as "military “brats." Their fathers decided to retire in the same area, Ft Bragg, NC, where they met and became friends n middle school.  Later, both became military spouses. Their lives took unique turns, with one family opting to stay in the service for the next 30 years and the other family opting to join the civilian corporate world.  Both embraced their life choices, became successful in their established fields, and were afforded the opportunity to travel and live worldwide. 

"I had heard many positive comments about the value provided to transitioning military service members through the ESEL seminars, but my expectations were exceeded!  Cyndi and Michele thoroughly and patiently unlocked the mysteries surrounding developing and successfully executing a career transition plan.  This seminar is an absolute must for anyone making the leap from a military to a civilian career!"
- John P. Sullivan, Jr., Colonel, Marines
"I retired from the Marine Corps after 37 years of service.  I previously attended two other transition seminars at the 20 and 32-year marks, neither of which provided such organized, comprehensive, informative, and applicable content and tools for a transition into the civilian sector.  I only planned to attend the transition seminar and workshop to get my check in the box, but I walked away with a brand, resume, professional picture, social media accounts, an insane amount of resources, and an expansion to my network.  While my retirement from the military was planned and executed in detail, I did not know what would come next, and honestly thought permanent retirement was next, but Michele and Cyndi helped me look beyond the service and helped prepare me to start writing my next chapter.  Michele and Cyndi, "Thank You" and please keep helping others navigate the mil to civ workplace transition."
-Bernard Hess, Colonel, US Marines  
Michele and Cyndi truly care about the transitioning service member! Furthermore, with their military spouse insight, they can relate to the needs of the service member and provide relevant information and guidance from a place of experience and gratitude. Specifically, the topic of transitioning from the military to the corporate world was presented at a master’s level in which they explained everything from dress and etiquette to negotiating the employment offer; this topic alone sets their curriculum apart from others and is well worth attending. Additionally, the tips and tricks on using LinkedIn and the value of branding yourself for potential employers were the best I have attended. I wholeheartedly recommend Michele and Cyndi’s class to anyone who is considering transitioning from the military to the next step of their journey.
-Christopher Docherty, SGM, US Army

Employment Strategies for Executive Leaders

2-Day ESEL Seminar


Up to 50 participants

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3-Day ESEL Seminar


Up to 50 participants

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