Employment Strategies

For Executive Leaders

Creating a successful transition from the military to civilian job market. Success is just a connection away.

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Build a personal transition plan that will focus on a professional self-analysis. Answer questions about your professional preferences and learn how to effectively research industries, companies, and careers to find your perfect professional fit. 


Create a personal professional brand that will make you marketable in your career search.  Craft a memorable professional introduction. Develop a network of professionals. Create an executive resume and professional portfolio. Dress for success. Use LinkedIn and other technologies to your advantage. 


Once you have created your transition plan and developed your personal professional brand, it is time to train in the art of the interview.  Learn what to expect in an offer and how to negotiate like a pro and finalize a win-win job offer.

2 Day Small Group Virtual Seminar

ESEL Seminars offer a 2-day virtual seminar focused on the executive military leader, to assist in creating a detailed transition plan to assure a successful entry into the corporate job market. 

Why is this transition program different?

ESEL is laser-focused specifically on the executive military leader and making the connection between their skills and what is needed in the corporate job market. 

This program is evergreen and it is intended to follow the executive leader from the beginning of the transition to employment.

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Personal Coaching 

Be better prepared for your personal career transition by taking advantage of the opportunity to work privately with our Career Coaches 1 on 1

  • 2-hour Q&A sessions with a professional career coach
  • 3-hour Mock interview training, including a phone/video interview with a professional career coach
  • Personal website and promotional video creation
  • Resume development

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