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ESEL 3-Steps for a Successful Transition


Build a personal transition plan that will focus on professional self-analysis. Answer questions about your professional preferences and learn how to effectively research industries, companies, and careers to find your perfect professional fit.



Create a personal professional brand that will make you marketable in your career search. Craft a memorable professional introduction. Develop a network of professionals. Create an executive resume and professional portfolio. Dress for success. Use LinkedIn and other technologies to your advantage.



Once you have created your transition plan and developed your personal professional brand, it is time to train in the art of the interview. Learn what to expect in an offer and how to negotiate like a pro and finalize a win-win job offer.

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Level Up Your Transition Skills

Our comprehensive blog has everything you need to better understand your current career transition situation and plan for a successful launch into the civilian workplace.

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Overcoming Challenges: Empowering Military Spouses in the Job Market

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Resume Writer


Your ESEL Executive Coaches

Michele Lewis and Cyndi Po grew up as "military “brats." Their fathers decided to retire in the same area, Ft Bragg, NC, where they met and became friends n middle school.  Later, both became military spouses. Their lives took unique turns, with one family opting to stay in the service for the next 30 years and the other family opting to join the civilian corporate world.  Both embraced their life choices, became successful in their established fields, and were afforded the opportunity to travel and live worldwide. 


"Michelle and Cyndi are exceptional at providing transitioning executive service members with beneficial classes, advice, and real-life examples of how to best transition. There are literally thousands of career options to choose from and they are experts at providing sound guidance for any chosen path. I also attended a DoL transition class. Michelle and Cyndi ARE THE GOLD STANDARD for the executive transition readiness seminar. "
- Brady Wentlandt 
"Simply put, the ESEL workshop was outstanding!  I attended executive TRS 5 years ago.  I had to go again since it has to be done within two years of the retirement date.  I thought I would be bored and not learn anything new.  I was wrong.  Michele and Cyndi know their stuff.  They brought relevant and current information about networking and the job market to class.  They discussed things like electronic business cards, how to tailor a resume using the TagCrowd website to determine key words in a job posting, and LinkedIn tips.  Their knowledge should be shared with anyone looking to find employment after life in the military.  I have recommended the Henderson Hall Executive TRS to countless colleagues since I attended last year."
- COL Bill Gray, (USMC)
"Transitioning from the military can be an overwhelming experience; however the ESEL workshop positions service members to be in the absolute best possible position for a post-military career.  As the former Deputy Commander for Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (JBM-HH), I have personally witnessed and had oversight of the two separate TRS programs on the joint base:  The Army's TRS program on the Myer Campus of JBM-HH and the Marine Corps program on the Henderson Hall portion of the joint base.  I can say with absolute certainty that the Marine Corps program is THE PREMIER program, not only on JBM-HH, but within the National Capital Region;  specifically as a direct result of the instruction provided by the ESEL workshop.  From my personal observations, conversations with ESEL alumni, and have had personally attended the ESEL workshop prior to my own retirement, the ESEL workshop at Henderson Hall is a far superior TRS program than its sister service counterparts around the National Capital Region.  "
- Mark Paolicelli (LtCol Marines)

The Successful Career Transition

Take control of your professional future with these comprehensive courses.

Additional Seminar Resources

This module offers additional resources discussed in the seminars.


LinkedIn for Job Search

Create a compelling LinkedIn profile for a successful job search.


Tell Me About Yourself

Develop a professional introduction to use on any occasion.


Preparing for the Interview

This module will prepare you for a stellar interview.


Suggested Reading for the Successful Military Transition

Our team thinks these books and articles are helpful and insightful for the transitioning service member. Read our reviews and thoughts.

What Color Is Your Parachute?: Your Guide to a Lifetime of Meaningful Work and Career Success

by Richard N Bolles

A "soup to nuts" book on transitioning from one career to another. The original concept for the book started in 1970, but since 1975, this book has been updated and revised every year with the latest "best practices" for finding a job that fits your personal skills and preferences. 

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Separating From Service: The Mental Health Handbook For Transitioning Veterans

by Eric Burleson

Before transition when (not if, but when) you start to have a bit of concern, worry, or possibly anxiety over the change of your identity from an active member of the military to the civilian world, this is the perfect book of advice from a veteran who has walked in your boots. This a bottom-shelf reading with top-shelf content.

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Mission Transition: Navigating the Opportunities and Obstacles To Your Post-Military Career

by LTC Matthew J Louis

This book shares many of the same concepts you have received from attending an ESEL seminar. But what our team loves about this book is the emphasis it places on networking from beginning to end. A great supplemental book to the ESEL course

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The Power of STAR Method: How to Succeed at Behavior Job Interview

by Martha Gage

Executive leaders must be able to share their expertise in story form and, ultimately, be the hero at the end of the story. Using the STAR format helps you consider which accomplishment statements should be used for resumes and handling behavior questions in the interview. This book gives excellent examples of STAR statements and helps the creative juices as you begin writing resumes and participating in interviews.

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