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ESEL Seminars is a product of collaboration between Rowan LLC and Sunshine Consulting LLC, both veteran-owned small businesses.

The career coaches at ESEL Seminars specialize in creating effective planning and preparation for military leaders who are preparing for the transition into the civilian and corporate workspace. 

Our team offers 2-Day Small Group Virtual Seminars, subject matter expert webinars, an online video learning library, one on one personal coaching, LinkedIn strategies, and updates on current information about effective job search techniques.

Our executive career coaches have years of experience as career transition facilitators and coaches, as well as personal experience as military spouses who have experienced the transition with their military spouses.



                                     Michele Lewis                                                Cyndi Po

Your ESEL Executive Career Coaches

Cyndi Po and Michele Lewis both grew up as military “brats”.  Both of their fathers decided to retire in the same area, Ft Bragg, NC, where they met and became friends in middle school.  Later, both became military spouses. Their lives took unique turns with one family opting to stay in the service for the next 30 years and the other family opting to join the civilian corporate world.  Both embraced the life choices, and became successful in their established fields and were both afforded the opportunity to travel and live all around the world. 

The ultimate testament to networking, Cyndi and Michele continued to be reunited in projects and life experiences throughout the years.

After years of working together on a program designed to assist military service members with their transition to the civilian job market, Cyndi and Michele realized there was a gap in the information being shared with the senior service members.  They felt the executive leader classes were too vague and though there are many transition resources, many senior service members were “drowning in a sea of life savers”.  

Using their personal experiences in both the military and civilian career cultures, professional experiences as coaches, resume writers, and military transition specialists, Cyndi and Michele decided to create a course specifically designed for the senior level military leaders as they transition into their next career.  

Cyndi and Michele have coached more than 5000 service members throughout their extensive careers as transition specialists and are very excited this class will be added to the ranks of those better prepared for success and balance in their next move. 


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