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Products and books to help the transitioning senior military leader

This page contains products our executive coaches think are useful for those senior leaders transitioning into civilian life. We receive a small affiliate commission by using our link to purchase from Amazon. These monies help us offer services to veterans free of charge.

The Power of STAR Method: How to Succeed at Behavior Job Interview

by Martha Gage

Executive leaders must be able to share their expertise in story form and, ultimately, be the hero at the end of the story. Using the STAR format helps you consider which accomplishment statements should be used for resumes and handling behavior questions in the interview. This book gives excellent examples of STAR statements and helps the creative juices as you begin writing resumes and participating in interviews.

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Mission Transition: Navigating the Opportunities and Obstacles To Your Post-Military Career

by LTC Matthew J Louis

This book shares many of the same concepts you have received from attending an ESEL seminar. But what our team loves about this book is the emphasis it places on networking from beginning to end. A great supplemental book to the ESEL course

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Separating From Service: The Mental Health Handbook For Transitioning Veterans

by Eric Burleson

Before transition when (not if, but when) you start to have a bit of concern, worry, or possibly anxiety over the change of your identity from an active member of the military to the civilian world, this is the perfect book of advice from a veteran who has walked in your boots. This a bottom-shelf reading with top-shelf content.

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What Color Is Your Parachute?: Your Guide to a Lifetime of Meaningful Work and Career Success

by Richard N Bolles

A "soup to nuts" book on transitioning from one career to another. The original concept for the book started in 1970, but since 1975, this book has been updated and revised every year with the latest "best practices" for finding a job that fits your personal skills and preferences. 

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