Episode 19: Michele Lewis & Cyndi Po, Executive Career Coaches; Networking - THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL IN YOUR CAREER SEARCH

In this week’s episode of Tactical Transition, we will discuss the most important tool in your career search toolbox - Networking. Statistics show that over 75% of job openings are not posted on job boards or “easy to access” spaces. Relying on networks to find these positions is vital.

We will debunk misconceptions about networking, emphasizing the creation of opportunities and mutual benefits. Let’s delve into the value of communication, leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, and engaging in informational interviews. We will also highlight the importance of continuous networking for finding jobs, professional growth, and mentorship.

Networks are people you already know, people you should know, people that people you know know, and people you want to know.

LinkedIn can be a great tool for networking, especially if you are trying to connect with people in certain companies or positions you do not know.

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